Come . . . enjoy an escape unlike any other, with Pinellas Chocolate. Maybe it’s the sunrises . . .the sunsets . . . the moonlit walks on the beach . . . just maybe, Pinellas Chocolate is such a delicious escape because it’s made fresh from bean to bar here in Tampa Bay!

All Pinellas Chocolate bars are 62% cacao and above. Our products are gluten free, dairy free and produced in a nut free facility, so feel free to escape with our indulgent dark chocolate.

Look for Pinellas Chocolate bars in fine hotels and food shops all over the Tampa Bay area, or come see our brand new factory where the bean-to-bar chocolate magic happens. You can sample and buy the full assortment of our dark chocolate bars at our factory retail shop and when available, try special seasonal confections. We also offer t-shirts, custom made gift boxes, and more.

You can connect with Pinellas Chocolate on Facebook, Instagram, or drop us a line!