Pinellas Chocolate is a family-owned chocolate maker, located in Pinellas County, Florida. Through our roots in confectionery R&D, we were introduced to the fascinating world of bean to bar chocolate while working on a contract project for a Hawaiian cacao grower.

Soon after that, we began experimenting with cocoa beans from all around the world. We learned how each step of the chocolate-making process influences the flavor and quality of the finished chocolate, and how each bean has it’s own unique flavor profile, depending on origin country, growing region, tree variety, and other factors.

As our trials continued to yield delicious results, it was only natural for us venture deeper into the world of bean to bar chocolate making. With the overwhelming support of our test batch recipients, we decided to turn our love for this special chocolate into a business and share it with you.

Our product line consists of single origin, Florida-inspired and seasonal varieties of bean to bar chocolate, to accommodate a variety of palettes and preferences. Regardless of which bar you choose, we think you’ll agree that Pinellas Chocolate is a delicious escape, ready any time to share with friends and family, or keep all to yourself!