brewing nibIt takes premium ingredients to make a premium beer. Many craft brewers in the Tampa Bay area use the fresh-as-fresh-can-be chocolate nibs they can only get from Pinellas Chocolate to create some of the finest porters and stouts you will find anywhere. Some brewers enjoy selecting from the newest shipment of beans before they are roasted, and working with our chocolate maker on a special profile for their unique recipes.

If you are a commercial brewery or home brewer interested in freshly roasted cocoa nibs, please contact us for more information.

Pinellas Chocolate offers freshly roasted cocoa nibs for use in both home and commercial beer brewing applications. Our brewing nib can be utilized to offer a nutty, roasty depth to enhance and build upon chocolate notes traditionally achieved through roasted malts and lactose. Pinellas Chocolate cocoa nibs can be utilized during the boil, ferment or barrel aging stages of the brewing process, or at the brewers discretion for a unique chocolate-forwad libation. Call or write today for pricing, available origins and to request a sample.